Except in bear country, maybe

A new research study suggests too much running is tied to shorter lifespans. Research by Dr. Martin Matsumura of the Cardiovascular Research Institute seems to lead to lead to conclusions that high mileage runners and people who do not run have shorter lifespans than moderate runners.  The press reports look like a number of factors were considered.  I’m sure there is research that contradicts these findings.  However, as someone who hasn’t run, or been chased, since his last PT test in 1996, it seems like great, I told you so, research.

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6 responses to “Except in bear country, maybe

  1. We got our clue when Jim Fixx died in 1984.

  2. This ties right in with my controversial heart beat theory. I believe we are each born with a predetermined number of heartbeats. If you want to waste yours on needless exercise go right ahead.

  3. I would think that, at least in bear country (or crossing highways), too LITTLE running could lead to a shorter lifespan.

  4. Solomon Eraut

    Opposition to high amounts of exercise has been pushed and debunked before. http://www.runnersworld.com/health/too-much-running-myth-rises-again (2012)

    Now there’s this try at the same opinionated story with a new study without giving any numbers on the size of the effect or statistical significance. How can anyone respond to assertions without evidence? Say, “That’s what you say,” and that should be enough.

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