Congressional Physicians, Medical School Deans Ignore Human Testing Scandal

Here are the exhibits in the case of the People v. US EPA and the United States.

There are State government agency and Academic Institution instances of misconduct that are also actionable.

When Milloy and I became aware of the Human Exposure experiments in Fall of 2011, after EPA researchers published a very badly done report of a lady who got a cardiac arrhythmia after breathing small particles at a high concentration for 40 minutes, we asked that the editor of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) (online journal supported by NIH) to pull the paper and investigate.

Hugh Tilson refused. He is an EPA employee editing a Government funded NIH on-line journal.

We both wrote letters to the North Carolina Medical Board to stop the experiments and investigate the U of North Carolina faculty.

They exonerated the 3 physicians involved in Human testing in short order–probably a board record for speed.

We asked the Dean and Institutional Review Board to review, no response, no action taken.

I wrote to every Medical School Deans at the schools identified by the EPA officials as conducting Human Exposure experiments asking them to stop the experiments and investigate the lack of informed consent and the violation of ethics.

No response.

Early on we asked for a US EPA OIG investigation. The early response was a yawn.

I wrote to the physicians in Congress, and at the time 18 of the 19 physicians in congress were Republican. No answer

I then wrote to the Congress physicians and added the declarations by the EPA officials, linked hereunder that implicated them in unethical experiments, again, no response.

Declaration of Eugene Cascio MD

Declaration of Martin Case PhD

Declaration of Robert Devlin PhD

So now the list of miscreants and those complicit is longer and longer:

10 US Medical Schools and the EPA.

Medical Boards in North Carolina and Michigan

Deans of the 10 Medical Schools and their institutional Review Boards

Faculty of Medical Schools who are many times EPA employees, who do the research.

The Editor of EHP and peer reviewers who should have reported the misconduct.

The US EPA Inspector General and his staff.

Congress persons who are physicians and licensed, so by way of their licensure they are obligated to report and prevent harm to the public, even if they didn’t have that same obligation under their oath as Members of the US Congress.

We even asked local prosecutors to investigate the UNC case, and were refused.

If the EPA lied about the toxicity of small particles, it defrauded the public.

If the EPA really believed that small particles are toxic, lethal and carcinogenic, they are civilly liable and criminally liable for despicable acts. Physicians have been hanged for exposing individuals to lethal risks.

HHHHHEEEELLLLLOOOO OIG, do you understand these experiments are unethical by any measure and there is no excuse for exposing anyone, consenting or not to toxic, carcinogenic, lethal substances.

Get it, OIG??? Get it PHYSICIANS IN CONGRESS? My goodness, this is not rocket science–don’t act dumb, or are you too busy saying–I was just following orders, going along with the rest, afraid to object or dissent.

Fortitude enables the other virtues, unfortunately government employees and politicians are too often bereft of fortitude, since they are quite social in outlook and ambitions are easily destroyed by dissent or standing on principle in an administrative tyrannical state that squashes liberty and independent thought and speech.

Stoics hold to principle–socially conscious people can change their moral/ethical values anytime under pressure.

4 responses to “Congressional Physicians, Medical School Deans Ignore Human Testing Scandal

  1. Maybe now that this story is starting to see wider circulation the public will understand and be outraged. I do not have much hope for it, but one can dream.

  2. I feel that this is just the tip of a very large iceberg! By the way I really don’t think a research project was needed to find out the dangers of breathing in exhaust fumes , just good ole’ common sense!
    Oh that’s right our “academia ” has little of that !
    Who in the world would propose such research and finance!!!
    I just wonder what other harmful research projects are going on under the radar. This is really terrifying.
    Shades of TusKagee , Alabama!

  3. As a student of logical inference, I was delighted by Mr. Milloy’s set up of his challenge to the EPA. Either the EPI is grotesquly overstating the benefits from its propsed regulations or it is committing crimes against humanity. But my heart aches from the general irrationality of human beings. I was going to say Americans, but the reposses of Japan and Germany to Fukashima shows irrationality to be internation in scope.

  4. I was looking for this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck

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