Recycling food security

Food supply and security is one of those staples that seems to be immune to facts. In 1798 Thomas Malthus predicted that human population would outstrip food supply.  In the 1960’s the food supply seemed to be getting along pretty well as long as governments didn’t interfere like the Soviet Union’s 5-year plans, but we were treated with another set of Malthusian food shortage predictions coupling population and the early coming of the next ice age.  We appear to have missed the climate, material shortage and food wars we heard that were going to happen in the 1980’s.  So, what happened.  Technology wasn’t quite as static as Malthus assumed and humans were able to increase the acreage under till and through technical, scientific and  industrial advances as well as  the ease of tillage and the productivity.  The green revolution starting about 1996 has increased our ability to increase yields per acre and better adapt plants to growing environments.  We even seem to have enough excess food to convert it into fuel we really don’t need.

So, the IPCC seems to feel the need to recycle food shortage scares as part of their upcoming reports. All of them assume a static society and static technology for the next 100-2000 years that we haven’t really seen for quite a while.  This is not the type of recycling that gives you real green credentials.

3 responses to “Recycling food security

  1. The objective is to crush Western prosperity. Threats of food problems is hoped to scare you into giving it up. It’s not about food.

  2. From the Guardian article: “As temperatures rise beyond 2 degrees to 4 degrees – our current trajectory…”

    Did someone forget to tell them that our current trajectory is flat for the last 17+ years?

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