GMO opposition discussed by Miller

Henry Miller is at the Hoover and is an expert on the benefits of genetic modification.

Consider this, hybridization and selective breeding have been crucial to advances in food production–Norman Borlaug got a Nobel Prize as the father of the Green Revolution and he deserved it–he prevented many many deaths from malnutrition.

Borlaug was focused on field crops and increased production by producing strains that were more vigorous and resistant to stress.

Now we can accomplish those things with GM. That’s good and it doesn’t produce something bad.

3 responses to “GMO opposition discussed by Miller

  1. Feinstein’s understanding of genetics is even murkier than her understanding of firearms. Unfortunately her biggest misunderstanding is of the role of a legislator.

  2. Coach Springer

    With famine imminent due to global warming and the IPCC, two things the liberals believe in, Obama must initiate a Manhattan Project to enhance genetics. Maybe even start a GMO NGO.

  3. One point of contention that the pro-GMO side never wants to talk about is glyphosate (Roundup). 95+% of GMO crops are sprayed with it and you eat it. The shikimate pathway that glyphosate kills plants exists in the bacteria in your gut. So when eat GMO foods you kill the bacteria in your gut and you are paying for the privilege to do so.

    The balance of gut bacteria regulated 75% of your immune system, produces neurotransmitter building blocks for your brain and helps the sulfur pathway to detoxify your body. All are negatively impacted in a huge way by glyphosate.

    I think the Israeli company has the right approach. Accelerated natural selection. Works better than the current GMO approach and no glyphosate to eat.

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