New Zealand has ADD

That’s adaptation deficit disorder.  The upcoming IPCC report will say that New Zealand is unprepared, has an adaptation deficit, for the problems with sea level rise in the face of 2°C to 4°C by 2100.  The government welcomes the report according to the New Zealand Herald.  The paper reports that the IPCC has “309 authors from 70 countries, who were supported by 436 contributing authors and 1729 experts and government reviewers.”  Notice the use of exact number with no rounding to show just how precise this estimate is.  Also the experts are “poring over” the content and wording of the final draft.  Radio New Zealand News and Channel 3 News also carry the story with their own additions of fires and floods and their own pictures of flooding.

The IPPC report is coming out and the media has to boost the propaganda.  Some see a great need to keep up the skeer.



One response to “New Zealand has ADD

  1. Being a Kiwi I have to say that some of the ‘so called’ NZ scientists verbal garbage are an embarrassment – if you listen to NZ national talk back you would be hard pressed to find any caller who agrees with this absolute crap.

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