Difficulties with measuring sea level rise

The Chesapeake Bay demonstrates some of the difficulties with sea level rise measurement.

Sea level rise in the Chesapeake Bay has been measured at about 3.9 mm/year.  The USGS says that sea level rise is 1.8 mm/year.  The rest is from subsidence caused by a meteor impact 35 million years ago and maybe some groundwater withdrawal.  The meteor impact wasn’t discovered until about 20 years ago.  Sea level rise isn’tjust the simple ocean warming/glaciers melting we keep hearing about.

2 responses to “Difficulties with measuring sea level rise

  1. This video also shows the difficulties when trying to measure sea levels …

  2. I wrote an article over at Suyts Space that is a personal validation of the Beenstalk et. al. paper on the tidal gauge network and how sea level rise (SLR), as determined from global in-situ measurement varies significantly from satellite measurements. It discusses the challenges of factoring in subsidence and isostatic rebound when determining SLR. In many regions, the rate of subsidence and rebound are significant and may be in opposite directions at gauges only miles apart.


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