Pink Slime Scare causes ABC Heartburn

The same network that put up junk journalism on Food Lion, now gets a chance to explain their advocacy on beef products that they called pink slime but its just small pieces ground up from the butchering process.

Then ABC went on a campaign to ruin the business of the Beef company in grocery and food outlets.

My dad was a physician and raised cattle because he was a farm boy at heart. I am a farm boy at heart too and sympathize with people involved in beef production.

For example I was really ticked at Oprah and the overreaction on mad cow disease.
I’m hoping the South Dakota forum will result in a hammerdown on ABC for irresponsible journalism and scaremongering.

I worked in a sausage factory when I was in college–sorry, but meat products get chopped, ground and maybe even crushed and blended–but they are still good protein and good food.

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2 responses to “Pink Slime Scare causes ABC Heartburn

  1. I bet you can’t tell the difference between ground beef with or without this product. Their choices were to send it to rendering or recover lean portions. Let’s hope ABC gets slam dunked by this one.

  2. My Dad worked in an Oscar Mayer plant and we still ate bologna and hot dogs.

    And why didn’t they go after spam?
    Because It’s a gourmet food in Hawaii maybe?

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