Climate Debate on Edge

Fred Singer discusses the current mostly political and unscientific situation on warming/climate.

And he strikes an optimistic chord.

Me too.

And here is a good summary of the way that propaganda and politics allowed junk science in climate studies to be the only narrative, the only available opinion on climate.

Group think in the Media influenced by political agendas and government funding directed to one narrative on climate.

As we have pointed out here at JunkScience, 20 billion in gov funding for warming agit prop.

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4 responses to “Climate Debate on Edge

  1. As an engineer, I appreciate other engineer’s perspectives on this issue:

  2. Fred SInger : “Pretty much the smartest man on the planet You might wanna listen to him.” -Dan Truman, Armageddon, but I use it all the time about Fred!

  3. But in case you missed it, my own AmericanThinker article appeared directly under Dr Singer’s to deflate any notion that he is a shill of the fossil fuel industry. A nice 1-2 punch against AGW, if I may say so.

    “Smearing Climate Skeptics”

  4. Thanks Randall, I read your essay and liked it a lot.

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