Healthcare ideas, versus Socialist Junk Central Planning

I Can’t resist putting this fine and brief and insightful set of suggestions up.

I have made my case for the junk research that was used to claim that American Health care was


Not Accessible

Worse than 30 other nations on the planet.

I don’t think those claims were based on good research.

So now we have a proposed solution that is failing in the roll out.

Here’s What John Goodman, PhD, daddy of the Health Savings Account idea with a few others.

His proposal for a resolution of this mess. Thanks John. It is a mess and many physician colleagues are considering quitting.

John C. Goodman Health Alert
It’s a 2,700 page bill. There are 20,000 pages of regulations. Major provisions seem to change every other week. And despite Nancy Pelosi’s promise, four years after it passed most of us still aren’t sure about everything that’s in it.

How can something like that possibly be fixed?

It’s easier than you might suppose. Previously, I recommended four simple ideas:

Replace all the ObamaCare mandates and subsidies with a universal tax credit that is the same for everyone.

Replace all the medical savings accounts with a Roth Health Savings Account (after-tax deposits and tax-free withdrawals).

Allow Medicaid to compete with private insurance, with everyone having the right to buy in or get out.

Denationalize and deregulate the exchanges and require them to institute change of health status insurance.

Clearly much more needs to be changed. But you could keep an awful lot of ObamaCare and still have a workable health care system by making these changes and these changes alone.

In this post, I will describe all of the mechanical problems that would be solved with these four changes. In a subsequent post I will show that these changes would also get all the important economic incentives right.


John Goodman
President and CEO
Kellye Wright Fellow
National Center for Policy Analysis
12770 Coit Rd., Suite 800
Dallas, Texas 75251

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2 responses to “Healthcare ideas, versus Socialist Junk Central Planning

  1. Dr. Goodman has some ideas that are better than Democratcare, but I think the best thing would be to get government completely out of health care.

  2. His so called recommendation is rather like, “I know the poison is killing you but you can’t be so radical as to demand that you stop being given the poison. The poison must be continued but we will no longer allow you to call it poison.” The fact is that Government IS the poison.

    The ONLY things that Government can do is keep things from happening, stealing wealth, wasting the wealth it steals, killing people, and breaking things. Such actions should be focused upon our enemies but it is now focused upon We the People. It is time we learned to say NO! and how to make that NO! stick.

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