WHO is Never to be Trusted

The WHO is a UN sponsored socialist rattle trap organization.

They produce studies and make predictions to advance the socialist agenda.

One of the claims of the left for making a single payer system in America was our health was unsafe, expensive, and poor quality.

The Poor Quality argument came from anecdotes and the WHO study comparing National healthcare systems.

It was junk politically motivated social sciences research.

Scott Atlas, Neuro radiologist at Stanford, took the study down in a great essay at Commentary.


In the past I have taken down the arguments that American Healthcare has been properly studied and found to be unsafe and negligent.


Patient safety studies by Dunn.



Texas Medicine paper 2000 patient safety


2 responses to “WHO is Never to be Trusted

  1. How about a simle study comparing the number of rich people that leave the United States to obtain healthcare compared to the number that come here for it.

    • Or a study of the members and relatives of WHO and the UN who come here for healthcare, rather than their own countries.

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