UN Condemns Biofuels

Biofuels make no energy or even carbon sense, are not “renewables” in a sensible analysis, and compromise food supplies.

Thanks Charles Battig in AT linked below.

Which part of the analysis and evidence did the establishment ignore when they pushed ethanol and biodiesel? Canola and corn and sugar based fuels.

Remember the stupid idea of switchgrass, which would take hundreds of thousands of miles of land and still have a big carbon production and harvesting imprint and poor energy production.

Remember the Yale and Harvard Grad who proposed hydrogen autos?

Hydrogen is plentiful and that’s it. Big ideas all, from little elitist planning shops.

So the UN gonna walk back the IPCC modeling predictions? Or the projected catastrophes proposed?


3 responses to “UN Condemns Biofuels

  1. Don’t h\old your breath waiting for the White House and the mainstream media to quote the UN this time.

  2. Virtually all alternative energy is NOT renewable. The wind will blow, but on it’s own time and we can only use it with massive resources involved. The same for the sun shining. And hydro. Geothermal comes closest to being truely renewable, but still requires a way to turn the resource into the desired outcome. Nothing is “renewable’ unless it generates energy all by its self and does so continually with unlimited energy and availability. A perpetual energy machine. A fantasy.

  3. The closest thing we have to truely “renewable” energy is nuclear fission. Since it’s perfectly possible for a reactor to produce more “fuel” than it consumes.

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