Russia on a Roll Against Enviro West

Now let’s assume that the West was committed to piddle power from solar and wind and willing to shut up coal, even nuclear energy plants and compromise the grid or increase prices and decrease access, increasing dependence on Russian Natural Gas.

Imagine, to borrow from John Lennon the peacenik.

Enviros come from the end of the political spectrum that knows the words to all pacifist hymns.

they don’t realize that we still live in a world of nation states, some with scary ideological traditions, like totalitarian savagery.

Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Edwin Starr, John Lennon– all living in a socialist doper bubble.

So here comes ex KGB and we are short of ewektwicity? As Tweety Bird would say–au ooooow.

2 responses to “Russia on a Roll Against Enviro West

  1. Read the fine article attached to this post – it is essential to understanding international energy and its geopolitical implications and overwhelming importance.

    Points from the article:
    1. Eastern Europe has been begging the West (the US) for reliable gas supplies for years. The current administration told them to take a hike and they are at the mercy of Russia cutting them off at any time. Aligning with Russia may be their only choice. (A bad choice is better than no choice.)
    2. Russia is building a gas pipeline to Asia. (How do you spell Keystone in the Cyrillic alphabet?)
    3. “China has 20 nuclear reactors under construction and is about to explore thorium.” If they succeed with thorium, we go to 2nd world status immediately.

    Historical point. What happens when you cut off a nation’s energy supplies? The main reason Japan attacked in 1941 was that the US cut off all oil supplies (the US was its main supplier) This was basically an act of war done to encourage Japan to attack – it worked.

  2. Very good comment John B. And you are right about the Japanese attack.

    Guess who set up the oil cut off–Harry Dexter White, a communist agent in the administration of FDR in the Dept of Treasury, and very influential.

    Read The Book Operation Snow by John Koster and Stalin’s Secret Agents by M Stanton Evans and Herb Romerstein to get more gore on commie infiltration and how and why WWII started.

    One very interesting thing is that the Japanese knew from the beginning that they could not win, they were hoping for some weak kneed resolution that left them with more access to natural resources. They failed to calculate properly.

    Your comment on the oil supplies was insightful, read the memos written by White in the run up to the crisis that are reproduced in Operation Snow–clearly bellicose and provocative, written by an agent of the Russkys who was dead set on getting us into a war, as Germany and Russia warmed up to fight to the death over eastern Europe and dominance.

    The Russkys needed a Japanese US conflict to decrease their vulnerability to Japanese attack from the East. You might recall the Russians never were involved in the Pacific up until it was a certain thing the Japanese were going to lose and then they did some stuff on mainland Asia to bolster their position post war.

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