Have we evolved–I think not.

Many assume that we are a more advanced and evolved society.

Make you think?


5 responses to “Have we evolved–I think not.

  1. Instead of secular progressives, I refer to them as secular regressives. There is absolutely nothing progressive from the so-called Progressives. Social utopias, managed economies, and the like have always ended up in totalitarianism.
    The majority of any evidence of free and capitalistic societies being detrimental in recent history has been nothing more than Soviet disinformation. It is unfortunate that the Soviets were so good at what they did. The KGB actively sought out sympathetic leaders in western politics and education. The extent of Soviet disinformation also worked its way into the middle east and has directly led to the increase of terrorism against the West. The world’s geo-poliitcal situation today is a result of all this.
    I am astounded how many people think that former KBG’er Putin is a good or strong leader.

    • “I am astounded how many people think that former KBG’er Putin is a good or strong leader.”

      You lost me here. Of course Putin is a strong leader. He may be up to no good, but he’s still a strong leader. Especially compared to our Pee Wee Herman President.

  2. Our technology has evolved and our egos along with it.

  3. Human history has not been a simple upward line graph. Anyone remember the Dark Ages? Two World Wars? Genocides?
    The arrogance of modern progressives inevitably leads to another downward spiral.

  4. “Devolved” is a better word.

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