Electric Cars NEEEEED Global Warming and More

Lookee hear at the great Climate Depot website.

They announce that GM admits the replacement batteries for electric cars are VERY expensive, like you could by a nice car for the price.

They also explain that the Nissan electric car is a loser with no resale and

TaTaaaaaa–the electric car range, estimated to be less than a 100 miles, is worse than that in the cold.

Cold reduces output by 50%

Why am I not surprised.

I bought a rechargeable chain saw–really nice and all , expensive, and it’s good for about 15 minutes of work before it needs recharging–and it’s new. I can buy a deeper, more powerful battery–why didn’t I get one for my 350 bucks?

6 responses to “Electric Cars NEEEEED Global Warming and More

  1. Electric car owners in Arizona also have problem with heat taking about 30% or more charge in the Arizona heat.

  2. Coach Springer

    An electric car is somewhat more useful than a skateboard and ever so slightly more useful (if you don’t count paying for parking) than a Pedway. If you live alone , work and play in downtown San Diego, it kind of makes sense. On the other hand, It would also make sense to not own any vehicle.

  3. The Leaf is garbage. Expensive, and hazardous to dispose of at that.

    If you’re going to get an electric car, at least get a Tesla. At least there you have decent range (~200mi) with decent recovery charge time (~8hrs).

    Plus, it’s an American car. Well. Aside from all the lithium and other heavy metals which are overwhelmingly produced in China it is, anyway.

  4. Note: Li is not a heavy metal, element 3 on the Periodic Table, just after He. Ed Samsel, chemist.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    The other problem is that the current world production rate for lithium is only enough for 2 million Tesla sized battery packs a year. There are few known resources for lithium and its unlikely the mining rate can be increased greatly.

    The USA in a normal year buys 8 million new cars, and the whole world many more than that.

    So if anyone ever tried to sell more than a very few EV’s the price of lithium would hit orbit rapidly thereafter. And kill stone dead the EV’s they’re trying to sell, due to the huge battery cost.

    That is what I call a wicked Catch 22 for the climateers.

  6. Only ever saw 1 Tesla in the wild. It was not going anywhere for lack of a long enough extension cord…

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