Carbon Offsets People Suffering

Lifson is on a roll today.

This is a very interesting report of the carbon exchange and offsets markets.

Apparently they are on welfare from the warmer influenced governments?

Shocking–you mean they can’t compete?

3 responses to “Carbon Offsets People Suffering

  1. Of all the scams created under the climate change umbrella, carbon offsets always seemed like the shakiest to me. Even the most hardcore alarmists I know acknowledge that carbon trading schemes would do nothing but alleviate the perception of corporate guilt. It’s actually a testament to Al Gore’s prowess as a politician and persuasive public speaker that he spread any interest in his private business of selling carbon credits.

    As a side note, I can’t believe Gore actually teamed up with a man named Blood. It’s like a goth British comedy team.

    • Is it Al Gore’s prowess as a politician, as he is not a very persuasive speaker, or just plain old greed. I always find it amazig that the Left loves to deem wealth, but they will sell their own mothers to make a buck. Socialism is not about helping the little guy. It is about keeping the wealthy in their wealth.

      • He’s not persuasive to people like you and me, but unfortunately he’s made millions selling his little slide show. He was almost convincing enough to be president. I still run into people that think he won the presidential election and a conspiracy stole it from him. Believe me, he’s persuasive enough to be dangerous.

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