Quackademic Medicine at U of Arizona Cancer Center

I was shocked to find an Academic Medical School Cancer Treatment program was liberally sprinkled with non scientific “programs.”

Sure placebo effect makes a difference, but that is another discussion.

But that’s not all–other forms of “alternative and complementary” treatments (dare I say Medicine) as part of the holistic/magical/easternological BS that I find so damn maddening. Whenever I hear–Do you eat healthy?–it just gets me going because I know I am dealing with someone who is into immortality through obsessiveness and anxious cautiousness–someone who will bite on the nonsense of the snake oil sellers and charlatans. And then I have to hear the propaganda and be accused of being narrow minded yadayada.

Don’t get me going on Therapeutic Touch that was debunked by an 8 year old in a published study.

And if you want to raise my ire a little more–talk homeopathy and naturopathy. Sure, I know that acupuncture and Chiro have hands on and physical effects that benefit pain conditions–but that’s it–the theories are based on magical forces and I don’t do magic stuff. Hard to do repeat testing on magic for reliability or then it isn’t magic, right?

The Essay is Worth your time–to think that an Academic Medical Center Cancer treatment program would advocate all this nonsense.

The author is David Gorski, an oncological Surgeon at Wayne State, who is the managing editor of what is now another go to place for me,


Here is Dr. Gorski going after quacky medicine at the U of Arizona. Just because it’s hot out there doesn’t mean they get a pass on thinking straight.


In Gorski’s essay you will see the name of a Dr. Andrew Weil, a doyen of these arts of the alternatives and food fetishist extraordinaire.

Dr. Weil may, in the near future get a little more coverage from me. I have been irritated by his schtick for a long time, and haven’t given him the attention he deserves. I apologize, so many idiots, so little time. I am old and feeble.

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2 responses to “Quackademic Medicine at U of Arizona Cancer Center

  1. “I am dealing with someone who is into immortality”. A few years ago Reader’s Digest had a headline article about vitamins. Or rather ant-vitamins. Every vitamin or supplement that the author dealt with had this statement: “People who take______ have a 16% higher risk of dying!!!!”
    So, does that mean they have a 116% risk of dying or only an 84% chance of living forever?

  2. Reblogged this on Edonurwayup's Blog and commented:
    Interesting debate.

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