Now BPA is an Obesogen?–Nonsense

I have seen and reviewed a lot on Bisphenol A (BPA) and it isn’t toxic in any way.

Safety studies have repeatedly exonerated BPA. Chemophobes just can’t stop fretting.

So you might say I really don’t like another discussion of what BPA isn’t, what it doesn’t do, since it doesn’t do anything and people who think that there is such a thing as endocrine disruption need to get a Klingon disruptor treatment.

No photon torpedoes, straight to the disruptors.

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One response to “Now BPA is an Obesogen?–Nonsense

  1. Thank God!
    One more thing to blame for my midsection that is NOT me.

    Considering the plethora of studies (and the grant monies implied), I think I need to set up a group that is pre-staged to jump all over the next chemical scare (that we might also discover).

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