Joe Sax dead, Destroyed Private Property to create Public Trusts

Joe Sax died last week. Academic Lawyer from U of Colorado. Eulogized by the NYT in the item attached.

Joe was a enviro Marxist Socialist who, in the early 60s, invented out of whole cloth the socialist/enviro poison pill called the Public Trust and managed to get his other elitist friends and politicians/judges to bite, in the tradition of big gov statists like Teddy, Franklin and others.

Pretty creepy guy. Certainly as important as Rachel Carson in terms of destruction of our societal and government foundations.

Sax managed to influence people enough to create a new concept that violated private property rights, the bedrock of the American system. He thought and argued that the environment was a Public Trust.

This obit is a good summary of Mr. Sax’s life and work. Sit down, take a deep breath–he was a socialist and pulled off a great coup.

You can see his footprint on all federal enviro actions and federal agency and legislative/judicial attitudes and decisions.

The importance of personal property as a foundation for limited representative self-government cannot be overemphasized. Enough Public Trusts and Public Programs and liberty disappears in a fog of government diktats and expansions.

One reminder of how far things have gone, in 1996, Bill Clinton sent a big wet kiss to the Chinese Front group, Lippo Group of Indonesia, and Mochtar and James Riady and their family, who had funded Clinton’s political career even though they were foreign nationals. He decided to give them an advantage in low sulfur coal and at the same time create another PUBLIC TRUST.

So the Riady/Lippo people had a big low sulfur coal play going in SE Asia. Clinton designated under his authority in the Antiquities Act, a no touch Monument in Southwestern Utah–the Grand Staircase–Escalante monument–1.9 million acres that had a very big low sulfur coal deposit. Imagine that–another public trust preserved by the state. Aren’t we all grateful. How many of you can find it on the map or plan to visit, if the enviros will let you?

Southern Utah is mostly a park/preserve areas, as are other the Western States. I guess America doesn’t pay attention. You think that the founders would have approved of so much public government ownership of land and involvement in regulating private property management, and telling people what they can and can’t do with their property?

I am sure Joe Sax was a socialist/elites/oligarch/smart ass. He was born to be. Now the expansion of parks and the back to the wilds approach to public lands, driven by the enviros in and out of government, and accomplished by Federal agencies, is pushing the wilding of areas owned or influenced by federal and state agencies and divisions like the Corps of Engineers.

States are complicit, since they are under the Federal Thumb and not inclined to resist. Live long enough you will only be able to see these places from a gov sponsored bus, unless you are a part of or have a special permit from the oligarchy.

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3 responses to “Joe Sax dead, Destroyed Private Property to create Public Trusts

  1. May he rot in his own green hell….

  2. At least he is in a warm place.

  3. Pat, it must be the excess CO2 there!! 8>)

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