Political payoffs vs. (supposed) Enviro friendliness. Guess who wins?

The Tesla electric car is a darling of the Rich and Yuppie enviro crowd who want to believe it’s a “green” vehicle and want to show off their tree hugging credentials. Of course the truth ain’t quite that simple, but that’s a discussion for another day.
That being said, it seems to have run afoul of political business as usual in… New Jersey.

It seems the “independent car dealers” have a very effective political action committee. (Or perhaps it’s some other groups as well). And now… the NJ gov’t has decided that if you’re one of the five percenters who’d like to purchase a Tesla in that state, you’re out of luck.

Details at:


3 responses to “Political payoffs vs. (supposed) Enviro friendliness. Guess who wins?

  1. I bet you can’t open a new funeral home or moving business in NJ without approval from “existing providers” either.

  2. The Tesla is a piece of junk, but the consumer has a right to find out for themselves that it’s a piece of junk. The issue here has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with protectionism AKA crony capitalism AKA not at all capitalism really.

    No manufacturer of a competitive product or provider of a useful service needs to run to the government to have its competition destroyed by regulation or its bottom line padded by subsidy. Talk about the environment, or small-business is just a fog job to cover for government increasing its interest in market economics.

    Whether state ownership is explicit as in communism or implicit as in fascism, when a business receives funding or support from the government, we the people pay. It makes no difference whether the Statists have a (D) or (R) after their name.

  3. Remember when “Government Motors” was created. A lot of franchises were eliminated because they couldn’t fight the feds. They had previously been protected by state laws like New Jersey’s.
    It was just a coincidence that a high % of those eliminated had connections with Republicans or were competing with a Democratic power-broker franchise.

    Unless you have the power of the fed’s behind you, the franchise laws will stop you every time. Tesla does have friends in high-places. If they think New Jersey is important enough, this could get interesting

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