Claim: FDA’s overly broad and expensive rules… keep life saving drugs from market

This argument gets thrashed out every couple of years, with the FDA saying all these regulations and studies “protect” the US consumer (“Thalidomide!, Thalidomide!”) while folk hoping for better and faster access to drugs point out the huge expenses and delays.

Now no one wants arsenic in their aspirin, but I recall watching Nightline (back when it was a real news program hosted by Ted Koppel) and… he had an FDA official explaining how their policy of blocking drugs at the border kept dangerous and unchecked products out.

Ted agreed that no one (well, no one sane) wanted uninspected, unknown, and unlabled/mislabled garbage coming in, but then asked the FDA rep if he was saying with a straight face that the Canadian equivalent of the FDA wasn’t trustworthy.
The Manhattan Institute (which, to be clear, is to “free enterprise” what Genghis Khan was to full scale warfare) just took another look at the issue. And sure enough, they reconfirm that the FDA requirements are keeping lots of potentially good drugs out of circulation. Or, for that matter, even from being evaluated. It’s not a new finding but it’s worth reviewing and reminding every couple of years.
(the truth, of course, is that life isn’t quite as simple as either side claims).

One response to “Claim: FDA’s overly broad and expensive rules… keep life saving drugs from market

  1. The fascist fed tells us he’s doing it for our own good. That’s not why this country was founded. There is nothing in the Constitution authorizing such meddling.

    Delete the FDA and the DEA. (And the rest of the DC alphabet soup). An industry association can create processes and procedures to be followed. There is no need for government involvement.

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