Groundbreaking stem cell research? Might need a step back

Not yet clear whether this groundbreaking research which was published in Nature was too much wishful hopes and thinking, “just one of those things”, or a bit more deliberate. On the good news front, though, the possible flaws were pretty quickly discovered, the original author is stepping back, and it’s all being carefully re-reviewed.

[NY Times]

One Author of a Startling Stem Cell Study Calls for Its Retraction

One of the authors of a study that was claimed to have discovered a simple way to make stem cells said on Monday that he was no longer sure of his team’s conclusions, and he called for the study to be retracted.

The study, laid out in two papers published by Nature in January, surprised scientists around the world by finding that a simple acid bath might turn cells in the body into multipurpose stem cells. The new technique could be a quicker and easier source of stem cells than methods now in use, the authors said.

But on Monday, Teruhiko Wakayama, a professor of developmental engineering at the University of Yamanashi and one of the study’s co-authors, told NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, that a series of concerns raised in recent weeks by researchers around the world had shaken his belief in the study’s findings.


2 responses to “Groundbreaking stem cell research? Might need a step back

  1. John P. A. Ioannidis said “most published research is false.” We are living in dangerous times. Politics has shutdown the Truth and Knowledge. Our leaders routinely lie to the people and support the lies of researchers. That is scary for a Democracy that has been reduced to a Dumbocracy.

  2. Well, obviously “Big Pharma” scared or bought the researcher off to keep their monopoly safe. (sarc)

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