Another sea level rise scare

Sea level rise on the Jersey Shore could be 31 inches by 2050. Another estimate of sea level rise.  This one needs a rise rate in the range of at least 7 times the current rate.  A rise of 31 inches in 36 years is 21.9 mm/year.  The best estimate of SLR is between 2 and 3 mm/yr.  Does this happen on a linear basis or is it logarithmic so it happens all at once?  Maybe the sea level rise scare would be more believable if the prognosticators would make predictions that looked reasonable by casual inspection.

2 responses to “Another sea level rise scare

  1. Since Al Gore bought sea shore property, maybe he knows something so I think this scare must not be true.

  2. Coach Springer

    They call this “research”.

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