Wadduino? Hookah is tobacco smoking in a bong like apparatus.

Naturally, since some people like it, there are people ready to say stop.

And of course its because there is someone who has determined the great risk taken by hookah smokers.

I don’t know much about the practice, but cigarette smoking may, in fact be different from hookah smoking. The risks may be different.


8 responses to “Hookah

  1. Well the article is right on at least one point. That US soldiers where exposed to Hookahs in the Middle East. I brought one genuine tourist hookah back with me. Sittin in my bookcase now. Never used.

    • I heard form someone that served in the middle east that the locals working near the flight lines would put 55 gallon drums converted into hookahs outside of the building with a main hose running inside and they would all hook up to it and smoke away.

      He said their tobacco could cause cancer merely by its smell.

  2. Robert of Ottawa

    Most hookahs are used for dope AKA marijuana. The water cools the smoke so you can inhale more … or so I’ve been told.

  3. Old news…
    “WHO Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation (TobReg) An advisory note – Waterpipe tobacco smoking: dangerous health effects include risk to public safety if used by multiple users, research needs and recommended actions by regulators, 2005”
    Once again the HuffPo is on the trailing edge of news.

  4. Coach Springer

    The hookah lounges are not restricted to urban Middle East neighborhoods. Most patrons have their own hose/mouthpiece. And everyone is aware of the risks of tobacco. This is all about outlawing something people like one E-cigarette and one cigar at a time. Target, then devise strategy.

    Interesting that the meddlesome, controlling old maid aunt of the 50s has transformed into the tyrant of the 21st century using the free wheeling anything goes liberal of the 60s who’s decided the world needs to behave according to them.

  5. And all this time I thought “hookah” was a misspelling of a sleazy trade. ;-)

  6. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0306987709007932


    Dr. Kamal Chaouachi is one of the debunkers of the pseudoscience that decries hookah smoking as more dangerous than cigarettes.

    Children like things adults like, and since children and adults alike like hookahs, the prohibitionists conclude that we need to outlaw the hookah.

    When you read the articles phrases like ‘hookah smokers are unaware that hookahs are as dangerous as cigarettes’ or ‘that hookah smokers mistakenly believe hookahs are safer than cigarettes.’ Which basically means the government and researchers trolling for grant money publish poorly researched shock-pieces for press releases and when their conclusions are not dutifully regurgitated verbatim, then people are ‘unaware of the risks’.

    Hookahs traditionally have anything to do with weed.

    -A tobacco manufacturer

  7. *Edit moderator:

    Last paragraph “Hookahs traditionally don’t have anything to do with weed.”

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