GM crop debate

A discussion on the GM crops issues, featuring an advocate who is on the science and policy advisory group for ACSH.

The GM modifications that get the fanatics all bent out of shape are just changes in the characteristics of the crop, tailor made to increase production, decrease drought or pest sensitvity.

But the greenies get goofy and call it Frankenfood. Nonsense.

6 responses to “GM crop debate

  1. Their objection is only partially that the productivity is increased and the drought or insect sensitivity is decreased. Their objection is that individuals of mind AND action made it so. Worse, they did it without getting any permission from the alarmists. In other words, they object to individual humans acting as if they are free humans who have inviolate individual rights and who act in service to their own lives!

    • My objection is that GM should stick to making cars. Though govermnet subsidized GM cars can be considered fairly similar to government subsidized GM crops :P

  2. Maybe it is time to ask the environmentalists, especially the politicians, who they plan to kill because there isn’t enough food to feed the people. Simply ask for the list of who dies and what method will Obama choose to eliminate them.

  3. Hank de Carbonel

    The environmentalists opposition to GM crops is far deeper than any scientific concern. Their seminal belief is Malthusian and greater yields or benefits to improving the population, including feeding or sustaining and growing populations they must oppose. The true believers may be ignorant of the core, but it has not been necessary in the past to reap the evil harvest.Restoring the ruling class is the only sustaining goal of the so called “greens”. Theirs is of course, Junk Science.

  4. Got a couple of mind readers who claim they know the inner motives of environmentalists. Folks, you can guess all you want. The chances of you getting a correct read on someone who’s politics don’t match yours are slim to nil. It’s a waste of time. Just state _your_ case. Don’t bother guessing what makes they other guy tick. Leave the mind reading to Ms. Cleo, John Edwards and other sideshow acts.

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