They want to Starve the Carbon Based Units

My friend and high flying Agriculture Lawyer, Gary Baise, midwest farmer hissownself, and DC Law Firm Doyen of EPA regulatory abuses, writes a regular column for Farm Futures

Mr. B battles the EPA regularly on behalf of farmers but this time he’s concerned about the goofball Luddites who hate genetic modification of food crops. These people are fanatic elites who never missed a meal except when they were trying to get rid of some weight for a party or for the summer.

Damn their true believer hides–people around the world need the benefits of GM food supplies, rice, beans, corn, wheat.

Norman Borlaug of Texas A and M got a Nobel Prize for working on GM modifications of rice and other field crops, now we have fancy pants libs working a campaign to take us backwards.

Read what Mr. B has to say–his warning is–stop the morons who would starve innocents around the world. People on the edge of survival. Shame on these arrogant creeps who don’t understand genetic manipulation is essential to good farming practices, choosing hardy varieties is better accomplished by genetic modification and its still the same plant, just improved.

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5 responses to “They want to Starve the Carbon Based Units

  1. Here’s a nice tribute article to Dr Borlaug…and, have to lay claim to him being an Iowaegian first (and always!).

  2. I think these Nitwit Gadfly Organizations (NGOs) and their “members” should not be allowed to eat anything man tinkered with to increase yield.

    • They should be limited to only those “foods” that existed in 20,000 BC. That is long before man discovered agriculture and selected the best seeds and bulbs for planting the next crop. Roots, weed leaves, grubs, termites, and half rotten carcases was good enough then and it is good enough for the anti-GM crowd now. More importantly, it would have no taint of the mind of man purposefully improving its quality and productivity through willful selection. Then they would learn the price of their “back to nature” efforts: starving, chronically ill, and painfull short lives.

  3. thanks commenters. Borlaug was a giant.

  4. Put them all in California where the drought was, give them non-GM seed and tell them they can only eat what they can grow – without irrigation, fertilizer or pesticides.

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