Jacoby on Preaching to the Unconverted.

Jeff Jacoby writes for the Boston Globe and he is a conservative.

Imagine being a conservative columnist for a NYT owned Boston newspaper. And Jacoby is not a fake conservative like the NYT David Brooks.

Here Jacoby talks about his 20 year life as a writer of opinions. He relates the nature of putting an opinion on paper and the responses he gets.

I found his approach or attitude to be similar to mine.

I offer opinions based on experience, education and scholarship and what I adopted as a philosophy of life.

We may start off as tabula rasa, but when we write as adults, not so. When we express opinions we tell our story and reveal ourselves and we hope to inform and influence our readers. Worth while–humans are social creatures.


5 responses to “Jacoby on Preaching to the Unconverted.

  1. Jeff Jacoby writes: ” An argument isn’t just contradiction, or heaping insults on the target du jour. And it’s hardly convincing if all you bother to do is assure your ideological teammates that they are obviously correct, and that the other team is filled with crooks and liars.”

    I may be naïve, but I believe that in the past, the mainstream media in this country followed such an honest thought process. The NY Times WAS the journal of record. Now, every single news story has a slant, or insults those who are not converted.

    The mainstream media blames the public for their huge decreases in readers or viewers. If they followed Jacoby’s advice and led people to believe they could be trusted again, the public would return in droves.

  2. Hey, John, junk science is not a left-right issue. It’s about the corruption of science. If you are just a right wing ideologue, I’m not interested. We will get nowhere on junk science if it is seen as a far right thing and not a science thing. I think that is a major reason why we are having such difficulty getting the message across. Liberals like me don’t want to speak up because they don’t want to be identified with a right wing cause. That’s also the problem with having Inhofe as our sole congressional supporter.

  3. You, my friend are a lost soul. A stupid lost soul.

  4. Hank de Carbonel

    Rohhave, It may be you have “wind turbine syndrome” see the piece above. The best thing for you to do is go some place quiet and hope reality might vanquish your condition. Otherwise the future will continue to be virtual, not good.

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