The EPA Targets Sulphur

Every day I get up and my wife tells me the EPA did something to make me mad.

The reason is she listens to the radio.

I hate listening to the news breaks on the hour and the half hour, even if the host in between is my kind of guy.

Why do the news readers think I need to know their name at the end of their reading of some AP news release? And why do I know they are committed to the agenda of the left–could it be tone of voice and choice of subject matter and the experts they reference?

So here’s the refiners’ reaction to the latest EPA meddlesome rule.

Sulphur has always been an easy one to scare people–you know–Satan and sulphur and such.

Sulfur Dioxide is most notorious as the culprit in the acid rain panic, which ended up being noisy, producing all kinds of anxious EPA and political actions to prevent the alleged destruction of North Eastern US Lake ecology, but probably the panic was exaggerated and ignored historical information on soil that was supposedly impacted by acid rain.

When sulphur and water mix it can produce sulphuric acid but in a mist it is not toxic.

However, EPA says be afraid and they can order another rule. Now it’s no sulphur in gasoline. Tomorrow it will be no mercury in coal plant emissions–woops–that already is the rule. Hard to keep up with a 24/7 nanny machine like the EPA.

6 responses to “The EPA Targets Sulphur

  1. Chiggers will be dancing in the streets if the EPA bans sulphur.

  2. In the western deserts, notably in Southern Arizona, where we have alkaline soils and much of our water is also alkaline, we add sulphur to the soils and lawns to raise the acidity. Promotes healthier plants. The EPA has it’s head where the sun don’t shine.

  3. Years ago, as fun question when I learned on an airplane that the person beside me sold fertilizer, I asked, “what is new in fertilizer?” NPK, I thought, nothing can be new in fertilizer. He jumped at the question. Sulfur! he almost shouted. It turned out that power plants were required to remove sulfur from power plan smoke. So the farmers now had to pay for NPK + S! Before S was free in the air.

  4. You know this is bunch of hooey when the Left also believes that sulfur is an ‘anti-greenhouse gas’. See “Researchers Learn How Bacteria Makes Anti-greenhouse Gas”, This is so ridiculous. I don’t know how any of these people sleep at night. No wonder they are legalizing marijuana.

  5. I don’t support this move by the EPA, but the point of removing sulfur from motor fuels is because sulfur poisons the catalyst in catalytic converters. I don’t support these new regulations because the EPA already lowered the sulfur limits once. The EPA needs to stop piecemealing these regulations. Installing the equipment necessary to remove sulfur is extremely expensive and doing it twice (or more) is extremely bad government. Get it right and do it once. Sometimes getting it right means not doing it all.

  6. Sorry I used extremely twice. I guess I’m an extremist.

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