What California Drought?

I was watching a Fox reporter showing the flooding in Glendora, CA.  None of the lawns or shrubs looked like they had any stress from lack of water.  It doesn’t look like any area I’ve been in that had a drought.In my area, when we have droughts, we get water management alerts and, in some cases, you could be cited for watering your lawn.  The footage from Glendora and the attached Daily News article clearly shows that people aren’t stinting on watering their lawns.  People certainly aren’t acting like they are in a drought.  How much of this problem is water management?


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8 responses to “What California Drought?

  1. All I can say is that during “my” drought of the 70’s in Northern California that we:

    Had our swimming pools covered by the Fire Department.

    Our water intake pipe in the Sacramento River, I lived in Contra Costa County, was moved further upstream due to increasing salinity.

    We could not water our gardens, in fact if you had a green lawn, or a growing flower, you were fined for wasting water, even if you saved your bath water.

    We were allowed 25 gallons of water per person per day, had to “save” water for weekly clothes washing. When you received your bill it showed in gallons how much water you used for the billing period if you where over it was another 500 tacked on as a fine.

    Could not wash your car, car-washes where shut down.

    Individuals where advised to buy filtered water if they had heart issues. Even moving the water intake upstream did not remove enough of the salt in the water

    Green Lawns in LA.

  2. Hank de Carbonel

    What you saw was South’ern Calif. Bless their hearts, there water just shows up. Them southern folks just don’t get it, drought I mean.

  3. One nearby city is talking about mandatory reductions of 25%.
    I started reducing my usage by removing grass years ago and I changed everything to drip.
    If they try making the people that already cut back cut back more, they will have a fight on their hands.

  4. Bob–I work in planning for a large water district in Southern California. We have planned extensively for these types of droughts, and had more than 2.7 million acre feet of water(that’s a lot) in storage when the drought began last year. We would have had more if not for the restrictions on pumping from the Bay/Delta (the infamous Smelt). We will get through this year quite well even with a zero percent delivery from the State Water Project. The problem is the rest of the state does not plan as effectively as So Cal and some of those areas are experiencing severe shortages. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Glendora receives a part of its water from this agency) has issued a drought alert, which calls for voluntary cutbacks. To be frank, this is mostly a political action so that SoCal does not look unaffected while the rest of the state (who hates us because we “steal” their water) suffers.

  5. Of the 82 million acre-feet of water that is collectible from the NorCal rivers, only 10% goes to urban areas and less than half of that goes to SoCal


    SoCal water is primarily urban use, while in NorCal, 48% is ‘fish’ water, flowing out to the ocean and 41% goes to agriculture in the central valley.
    It isn’t possible to store enough water to supply all these demands, but more surface storage to hold water during the ‘flood’ years would help.

    • Coach Springer

      Would it be “unnatural” for the smelt to experience drought by having it’s water cut back in times of …. drought?

      • The Smelt is a small fish that doesn’t swim very well and relies on hiding to survive. The CA and Fed fish agencies go out at midday and drag the middle of the channel to do their counts. Shockingly when they don’t find them the say we need to reduce water pumping in the Delta. Ironically they typically kill more fish doing their counts than the pumps do.

  6. Coach Springer

    I gather from the post and comments then that, now that they’ve depleted their reservoirs far enough to worry about floating the boats there, they’re thinking its time to maybe start doing something about it and cut back about 25%? To Obama/Gore and The Legion of Doom, this is proof of extreme weather mandating the reordering of our economy and lives.

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