Roy Spencer condemns the Left

Yes, I say the left, becuase the Anti defamation league is doing what all lefty organizations do–using a double standard.

The ADL is like the ACLU or any of a number of lefty organizations–they are predictable.

Roy calls them out. Good for him.

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3 responses to “Roy Spencer condemns the Left

  1. “Yes, I say the left, because the Anti defamation league is doing what all lefty organizations do–using a double standard.”

    You must have standards before you can have double standards. A standard is something fixed and based upon reality. It is not subject to change. As such, there is no such thing within the so called minds of ANYONE in the totalitarian/collectivist/egalitarian/misanthropic/nihilistic “left”.

    The so called “left” have the chutzpa to call themselves “progressive” when they hold the most regressive anti-life anti-man anti mind malignant obsession that ever existed on earth: civilization and man must cease to exist. They will do whatever it takes to reach that end but don’t have the courage to show the way by setting an example. They are left of the most extreme left and are “left” only because they plan to be left after they have destroyed everything else. They are a mockery of good old fashion honest hypocrisy.

  2. “Creationism” is a cause of the “right” and it is anti-science.
    Environmentalism in its extreme form is a cause of the “left” and it is also anti-science. Don’t confuse the abominable junk science of environmentalism with the moderate and secular liberal left. Your simplistic association of the two doesn’t work. Has Al Gore ever been a true liberal?
    Don’t get stuck in a right wing corner. Pragmatic and forward-thinking liberals are our natural allies. We must bring them into the skeptical pro-science fold if we are to get anywhere on the political scene.

    • There is no significant difference between the religious right, the progressive left, the muddled middle or the so called pragmatic and forward thinking liberal. The only difference among them will be the words they use to sell out individual rights, civilization, self ownership, and personal responsibility.

      How will you know them? There is no line they won’t cross nor no principle they will hold inviolate to achieve their negation of anything human within themselves and others. For them, being and living as an individual human IS the original sin. For me, it is my highest virtue.

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