Moore, Founder of Greenpeace, Speaks Out

Patrick Moore called climate people a cult and says that the warming crusade is a hoax on Sean Hannity’s show last night.

Heres the news item.

He said it on the film Not Evil Just Wrong 5 years ago.

8 responses to “Moore, Founder of Greenpeace, Speaks Out

  1. Moore has been speaking out against the main line green agenda for quite a while. I ran across his forest management opinions several years ago. His views on sustainable forestry are different from the greens.

  2. He won’t get any traction with the faithful because he left the church.

    • Doubting Thomas

      Like the old saying goes, “an apostate is never honored in his own country”. Or something like that.

  3. Doubting Thomas

    Global warmists are a cult? I think we’ve been saying that here at Junk Science for several years now. It’s nice that the message actually reached a large audience though.

  4. the word you’re searching for is prophet.

    Moore has been a sensible critic of Greenpeace and others committed to the warming panic for many years now.

  5. my humor detector was on the fritz.

    apostacy is one of my favorite states. I find myself always an apostate in the current post modernist collectivist, relativist, determinisitc milieu.

    If you ever get a chance to see Moore live, he is very eloquent and cogent in his criticisms. I think his problem is that they are misanthropic to a fault, like most socialists.

    • Doubting Thomas

      It’s all good. My family often thinks my humor is on the fritz.

      I’m with you on apostacy. I’ve always been a bit of a iconoclast. Maybe a little arrogant about it at that. The so-called edgy and hip people are still banging away at the now minority establishment of traditionalists and conservatives. *yawn* How boring. So 1960s. Besides, everyone’s doing that. If you really want to be edgy and anti-establishment, you go after the progs and humanists.

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