Electricity comes from Somewhere

The crusaders against the Keystone XL pipeline promised they were going to use alternative energy.


Reports are that alternative sources just weren’t good enough–big surprise.


6 responses to “Electricity comes from Somewhere

  1. They should be using plug in electric cars to turn turbines to generate electricity, that way it would be free.

  2. Use methane generated by their own BS.

  3. I tried to post that they need to put the sun out because it is a huge nuclear furnace, but the auto-moderator they use is on a hair trigger.

  4. It comes out of little slots in my walls. I suppose it’s stored up in the walls,but I don’t know how to refill them.
    The alternative source is out of the sky. I tried to catch some in 1990 but didn’t have a big enough basket. I only get enough to recharge batteries for a few days.

  5. I get it by harvesting unicorn farts….

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