Organic produce stymied by green laws

Want to expand your green, organic food business by moving closer to a road? Not in Maryland when you have to tangle with the green laws.Ted Wycall wants to expand his organic food business in Wicomico County, MD, by moving his shop closer to the road.  Meeting all the nice green rules to protect the Chesapeake Bay is too costly and time consuming.  The officials don’t seem to care, the law is the law.  New initiatives to “save” the Bay could expand this idiocy much more extensively than Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  I’ve gotten environmental permits there.  It was interesting and I’m glad I don’t have to do it now.  Mr. Wycall is thinking about Montana.

One response to “Organic produce stymied by green laws

  1. It was great when the pet bear of the Organic crowd wreaked havoc on the “factory farms” and the media refused to go after any health issues associated with organic products, but now the bear is really big and very hungry.
    And it no longer follows commands from the organic crowd.

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