Daren Jonescu on Climate Science Totalitarian Thugs and Hypocrites

Professor of Philosophy, and sho nuff a philospher, transplant from Canada to So. Korea, and a prolific, original thinker and writer on a wide range of subjects.

Stuns me with his insights.

I can’t add to his points here much except to applaud.


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5 responses to “Daren Jonescu on Climate Science Totalitarian Thugs and Hypocrites

  1. “To put this another way, I do not see how my desire to help someone in need affords me the privilege of forcing my neighbor at gunpoint to do the same.” Beauty.

  2. Good article. And I can certainly see the totalitarian possibilities implicit in the attempt to impose restrictions based on unproven scientific hypotheses. However, one thing missing from the argument — and something consistently missing from climate change articles posted on JunkScience — is the fact that climate “deniers” are made up of several disparate groups.

    Personally, I don’t like being pressured by alarmists and doomsayers and I will cheerfully admit that (a) we don’t really know what’s causing climate change, (b) we don’t know if the changes we are observing are short-term or long-term patterns and (c) we .don’t really know the ultimate consequences of the climate change that we are currently experiencing. Climate modeling is a relatively young science and new data is being discovered every day. So I’m all for going slow, and not responding to excessive, irrational pressures

    However, it’s painfully obvious that many professional climate deniers are on the payrolls of multi-national corporations, whose profits will be severely constrained by any attempts to restrict their operations. The Koch brothers are emblematic of this group. Those “liberties” that Jonescu talks about are all well and good when then apply to individuals, but they are not so noble when they apply to large corporations whose dream is a kind of laissez-faire capitalism where resource development can are proceed without regulations of any sort — the only goal being short-term maximization of profit.

    Those of us who have lived in any of the environmental “hot spots” (and there are many of them throughout the world), have seen first hand the damage that can be done to the environment and the resulting cost to tourism, to health and to the general well being of local residents (so much for individual liberties, eh?) ,This is completely apart from any hand-wringing about wholesale ecological catastrophe and the death of the planet. For example, I continue to be amazed that ANYBODY could endorse mountain-top mining, of the sort that has been going on for years in West Virginia. There is such a thing as “good stewardship,” after all — and that’s apart from long range predictions of how a particular practice will effect future life on the planet.

    Reading some of these articles, posts and comments on climate change, it almost seems as if I’m being offered a choice between a world controlled by global bureaucrats and one controlled by multi-national corporations. I hope you will excuse me when I say that I want no part of either — not that I really have any say in the matter.

    • I am definitely a denier and do not work in ‘Big Oil’ or for the Koch Brothers. Why is it that whenever anyone disarees with the AGW zealots they are automatically assumed to be on the take. I would assert that the AGW zealots are on the payroll of Soros and the open society ilk. See, two can play at the game.
      The science is simply just not there. Regardless the AGW zealots claiming that the science is settled, it is not. Indeed, there is a lot more evidence that humans are not responsible for any warming observed recently.

    • “…death of the planet.”

      The planet will not die.

  3. I am compelled to respond. And i think Milloy will support me.

    You’re assertion that deniers are on payrolls of busineses and industry has no basis in fact.

    All the skeptics i know are operating on a shoe string and the claims of contributions to CEI CATO Heritage for enviro efforts are deceptions–the contributions are diffused to many issues.

    Have you ignored the list of fabulously wealthy lefty enviro organizations?
    Do you doubt that in addition there are well heeled lefty organizations actively involved in lefty enviro crusades?

    Have you ignored the obvious bias for warmers that exists in gov and media that has resulted in 1 billion plus being granted to warming scientific projects and eliminated opposition in the media and severe censorship of dissent by government.

    Do you really see a great right conspiracy by companies that are in the oil business? Trust me, no body has paid me a dime for many years of effort to oppose the EPA. I would suggest that from my experience oil companies and fossil fuel companies are often complicity with the left because they fear the left. They fear the media.

    I hope your statements are the result of not knowing some of these realities.

    However, it has been pretty slim pickins over here on the opposition side. Slim pickins indeed. I Know that the left has the media and the media say its not fair–all that evil corporate money. Nonsense. For 80 years the left has had its way for many reasons and evil capitalists have, at best been playing a pretty damn poor prevent defense.

    Hell they send their kids to Universities that indoctrinate them to hate their parents and what they stand for.

    Enviro and media/public relations departments of fossil fuel and business/industry entities of other kinds are populated with people who hat capitalism and business industry. secretly, which is why businesses are always losing in the big fights with EPA.

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