Freeman Dyson– ally in the Climate War

The book review on scientific blunders by Freeman Dyson reminded me, some of you may not know of Freeman Dyson, our giant friend in the war on climate against the Warmers.

Dr. Freeman Dyson, like Fred Singer and Jay Lehr, is a Princeton man.

The book review for your covenience.

I am happy to know some Princeton men are on my side. Freeman Dyson says the Catastophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Crusade cannot be supported.

This article by a clearly biased and arrogant NYT writer still can’t diminish the the character and superior nature as well as decency of Freeman Dyson.

I could have found more objective essays on Dyson, but I put this up as proof that even a snarky NYT writer like Dawidoff can’t take down a legendary man of science and it appears he couldn’t help but admire the goodness of Dyson, even if he was a Warming Skeptic.

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3 responses to “Freeman Dyson– ally in the Climate War

  1. Thanks for this gem!

    Freeman Dyson is an Einstein-class genius, and a mensch. To fail to read his wonderful review of a book on scientific blunders would be a… blunder.

  2. It was a long read but very enlightening. Freeman Dyson is both brilliant and a man of great practicality.

    • My only regret is not tracking him down when Lindzen and Singer mentioned him and delving into his history more.

      I knew he was a genius at Princeton.

      However the post I put up from the NYT, even though it is poisoned by the writers biases and tricks, still reveals a wonderful man with a real scientific attitude and huge talent. He was a protege, and kept it right up till today.

      Honest, wise genius with humility and curiosity. Doesn’t get better than that.

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