Holodomor in Cuba

The Holodomor was the famine imposed on the Ukraine by the criminal socialist butcher Stalin that killed millions, children and women starving in the streets, desperate cannibalism.

And FDR, who knew about these things, called him Uncle Joe and saw a time for convergence of capitalism with socialism. Actually approved of socialism. FDR tolerated infiltration of Russophiles and approved socialists in his adminsitration like Harry Hopkins and Harry Dexter White, but many more.

Here below is the story of what’s happening in Cuba. The problem in North Korea is as bad, just more hidden.


Now we have another famine imposed on another populace under the Commies, kinda like the starvation in North Korea.

And some western news of the problem, but the Black Caucus in the Congress, and the empty headed left of this country still think Cuba is a model country. Cuba at the time of Batista had a high average per capita income for Central and South America, but now only Haiti is worse than Cuba.

I would suggest that the left get a chance to lose weight, the Cuban way, and maybe they would be less likely to applaud Obama’s handshake with Castro in South Africa at the funeral of another old commie.

And kids all over America think Che t shirts are cool. They should read what Mr. Zubrin says Cubans are allowed to buy for food for a month.

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2 responses to “Holodomor in Cuba

  1. I ran the numbers on this diet, actually being rather generous with the calories that I assigned to the subsidized rations listed in the article. I came up with 19420 calories per month, or 647 calories per day. [15860 of that is from the rice and sugar (80% of total).] Let’s be generous, and say 700 calories per day. A short, skinny person of 40 years of age, moderate exercise, requires 1750 calories per day to maintain that weight. So Cubans are supposed to be subsisting on a diet that gives them less than half of their required calories.
    For the Cubans to not be starving to death, they are having to supplement that diet somehow. Probably illegal fishing, some wild vegetables harvested in some remote area, an occasional poached animal.
    Then, on top of that, the liberal fruit-cakes in this country point to Cubans as being so nicely skinny, which of course equates to them being super-healthy.

  2. Far more famines are man made than natural.

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