American Companies Sabotage XL as a Business Strategy?

Foundations using money from business interests to campaign against those donor’s competition? Shocking. Imagine such deviousness.

I recall my friend from Omaha, Joe Herring, exposing Warren Buffett’s effort to stop the Keystone XL pipeline.

Now there are others, some purely for business purposes giving money to stop XL. Foundations sometimes disguise the source and, as a result hide the motive.

How much Saudi money is secreted into foundations fighting the XL pipeline? Any guesses?

This kind of thing goes unreported and not exposed–like Natural Gas Interests pushing the project to use bad science and aggressive regulatory proposals to eliminate coal as a competitor.

One response to “American Companies Sabotage XL as a Business Strategy?

  1. I appears that the climate change debate is about to fall apart for the E=GREENS – the hockey stick is now gone and all research that used that metadata for their modeling computer is also tainted . . as gone zero credibility. Professor Mann and his sponsors are now in big trouble. Even could take down David Suzuki . . WOW

    Here is how to defund Grant Science and politics of doom:—group-overview-and-proposal.html

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