UVA , built by Jefferson, Now Censors Speech?

The UVA people think anyone who opposes fanatic warmers should be banned? Well at least the enviros do.

Ain’t they somethin’.

Algore can put up clap trap that is regularly disproven, the warming campaign can regularly fail in their predictions, but the UVA enviro people won’t allow any dissent to the “consensus” on warming? Thomas Jefferson would be alarmed.

My my.


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3 responses to “UVA , built by Jefferson, Now Censors Speech?

  1. Sadly all of northern Virginia has become little more than a suburb of D.C. UVA switched focus from Jefferson’s political ideology to his affairs and bastard children long ago.

  2. It’s largely the brainwashing they get from the faculty. I’ve hired a number of environmental majors over the past 30 years. For the kiddies fresh out of school most were neither technically or educationally qualified to read and understand regulations or permits or do many of the tasks required in an industrial environment. I had three from a mid-west University who couldn’t name the major environmental laws, yet has BS in Environmental something. They thought their job was to save the earth. They ended up as wastewater plant operators with adult supervision. I’ve found a couple of schools that prepare students that were trainable. UVA has some bright kids. Unfortunately I didn’t feel I had the 3 years it would take to educate them. It’s a shame that the academy doesn’t prepare students for something useful.

    • How do you know a good environmental graduate? The phrase “Chemical Engineer” on their diploma. Seriously, Environmental Engineering has some good points, but they do not have sufficient background to perform air emissions calculations. Environmental Law is typically good because they are lawyers. I haven’t seen any other environmental major whose degree was worth the paper it was written on.

      And plase don’t talk down on wastewater plant operators. I happen to hold a license myself. Someone’s got to do it, and there’s no shame in doing what must be done..

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