McCarthyism is a Terrible Calumny

McCarthyism was always used as a vilification of anyone who made an irresponsible accusation.

Trouble is that McCarthy was right–there were lots of commies in the government–now we know he underestimated the infiltration and the effect, thanks to Herb Romerstein and Stanton Evans.

That said, because McCarthyism has such a negative impact, I will give Taylor a pass on using the epithet for good effect on one of the most pathetic and traitorous men in recent American politics.

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One response to “McCarthyism is a Terrible Calumny

  1. M. Stanton Evans is as honest and fair-minded writer America has known for who knows how long. And Joe McCarthy was absolutely spot-on. We’re now reaping the Fabian fruits of our parent’s post WW2 “freedom loving malaise.” Patton was right. The war would have truly been over had we sacked Moscow.

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