Josh Bloom does my job

I get so irritated trying to get people to understand that toxicology is really easy to understand, if you avoid getting panicky.

So let’s let Dr. Bloom get all worked up. I will just say–agreed. Damn I hate the panic mongers and I do dearly hate the precautionary principle. And when someone says carcinogen, I would like an opportunity with them in a locked closet so they might hear what I have to say about the standard dumb ass rodent exposure experiments at sub lethal doses, that look for tumors, that may not be cancer and then are enshrined as studies of carcinogenicity.

One response to “Josh Bloom does my job

  1. Terrific link. I watched the video at 8:53 where they made the “organic” cleaner. I wonder if they know that the reaction between acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate releases CO2?

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