What a bunch of BS

So people decide they can just declare a disaster–skip the evidence on exposures and the clear cut evidence that no one suffered a significant exposure from Fukishima. It was a disaster because we say so. Exuse me–that’s horse s____.

I get so tired of these hand wringers who think everyone is going to get cancer because somebody declared a radiation “DISASTER” that will be terrible.

Even the most ugly nuclear reactor problem that ever happened (Chernobyl) that had no back up or safety mechanisms and was just a dry explosion that occurred in a plant that had no water protection, as is the practice in the West, so it was just a damn explosion in a big plant, but it still didn’t cause any radiation terribleness.

What should I say, all these anxious Japanese running around with face masks on should be worried? Worried and anxious is the measure of the problem. NO, I DON’T THINK SO.

So where do we start with these nannies? Or should I say ninnies?


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10 responses to “What a bunch of BS

  1. worse than global warming?

  2. I can’t remember where, but I read something to the effect that people living in Colorado are exposed to more naturally occurring radiation than the Japanese are/were from the fallout of Fukishima.

  3. Interlineal P.E.Ruser _ P.robable E.rror

    It’s not as if the Fukishima fallout could ever be considered as being any worse than that which Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffered during World War 2. Fukishima is just small potatoes in compaison and is just rightful retribution for the Japanese killing all the whales. There’s fishin’ gone wrong…and then there’s fission gone wrong.

  4. “What should I say, all these anxious Japanese running around with face masks on should be worried?”

    I crack up whenever I see someone wearing a non-sealing face mask.
    All it does is make a fashion statement.

    • The ever so polite Japanese where these masks if they have a cold so that they don’t breathe their germs on their ‘friends’. And vice versa they wear them to protect themselves from those that aren’t so thoughtful and polite ;)

  5. I remember that site. They love peddling conspiracies, and you can promote them too for a fee of one hundred dollars!

  6. I have some folks up in arms about this and any negative study gets blamed on Fukushima. Some whales found with skin infections or ground ing themselves. Must be the radiation. A few star fish turning to goo from infection – radiation, diseased herring … Of course these things are occurring naturally all the time and the studies would be ignored – or attributed to equally improbably to global warming.

    Another case of falsely attributing normal events to something scary to frighten people

    • I agree. It’s clear-cut observation bias. There are usually no historical records for comparison because no one bothered to look prior to the event they’re hoping to blame. Usually continued interest leads to studies that debunk the proposed relationship, but those studies rarely achieve the same level of fame.

      My favorite example is the multi legged frog study in California. At the turn of the century researchers were hoping to blame deformed frogs with extraneous hind legs on pollution. What they eventually found was a parasitic flatworm that infects tadpoles as part of its complicated lifestyle. The evidence clearly indicated that the deformities were nothing new. Of course they still tried to bring the argument back to pollution by claiming fertilizer runoff may somehow be causing an increase in the population of the parasite. No part of the study indicated measurable changes in the chemical content of the water; that was just a guess. The phrase “It’s too early to hold humans blameless.” highlights their true motivation.

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