Wearing us out–with Scares

Ozone has been on their mind as another scare.

The research never stood up to analysis on the claims of toxicity.

A recent study by Milloy is just one of many that show the EPA can’t make ozone into a toxic air pollutant.

Now they don’t care–they just do what they want to and dress up their latest junk science.

But the long history of EPA ozone research shows nothing, nada.

Here is the latest from the EPA agit prop machine.


Here’s the Milloy long term study in Southern CA on ozone. Showed no ozone toxicity


The famous study is one where the EPA exercised people for in an ozone chamber and then found they had some decline in their pulmonary function testing.

However they failed to admit the small change in pulmonary functions was within the error or sensitivity range of doing pulmonary functions against a predicted normal with a testing that is very operator and subject effort dependent.

In the medical business we don’t pay much attention to less than 10 % differences from predicted. Within the sensitivity of the predictive and instrumental variables. EPA never showed a significant toxic effect, they just dredge for something to claim so they can proceed, and now we are at ambient levels of ozone as the standard. Pretty soon they will require everyone to wear a respirator to protect against ozone toxicity since the outside air in many places has more ozone that the EPA considers safe.

2 responses to “Wearing us out–with Scares

  1. Have we forgotten about the boy who cried wolf? I lived through all of the earth-shattering forecasts up till now. I don’t expect that to change any time soon….good thing we all have cold war bomb shelters….LOL!

  2. I wish I had a cold war bomb shelter…

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