Roger Simon on Secretary Duufus

John Kerry is a piece of work. Hope he had someone with a Super 8 to record his heroic speech declaring climate a greater problem than WMDs, Iranian Nukes, the resurgent Russkys or Middle East Conflicts.

Imagine if he was President.

Here’s a guy who, after 15 years of modeling failures and no warming is terribly concerned about an increase in the average temp of the planet of a degree or two.

Wisdom and prudence are critical political virtues.

Kerry’s greatest strength is his unremitted, incurable self esteem.

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4 responses to “Roger Simon on Secretary Duufus

  1. Just trying for a Nobel peace Prize. If Gore can do it, why not him?

  2. Personally, I want video of Kerry telling a sobbing Syrian child who lost his brothers and parents that reducing CO2 is way more important than a family and children in Syria. I want to see him tell the child that more will die while the US throws up useless wind turbines and enacts a carbon tax that cripples industry and removes any aid to Syria. Too bad, kid, we had to stop SUVs.

  3. American is highlighting a NY Daily News article about Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey’s current clown shortage. Perhaps that’s something Senator/Secretary Kerry should look into as a second career. It’s not as if the transition hasn’t been made in recent history by another clown:

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