Oh it is so Hard to be a Public Health Official

Here is an excellent example of why public health officials are morons.

The Public Health establishment has to deal with multiple problems.

Oh the worry, oh the anxiety. These people should have a real job.


6 responses to “Oh it is so Hard to be a Public Health Official

  1. There’s plenty of “drinking” water.
    It’s in those plastic bottles they sell in the stores.
    It will never run out, just like rich people’s money for taxes.

  2. Southern California is a desert. Supplies of irrigation and potable water (the latter needed also for bathing) have been a problem for a couple of centuries now, and will continue so until the legislature in Sacramento completely drives all human life out of the Golden State.

    Which ain’t gonna take ’em long at the present pace.

    So here’s the solution: coal-fired desalination plants along the Pacific coast.

    These United States comprise one of the most efficiently productive coal-producing economies on the planet, and the great “man-made global warming” scare is clearly predicated on a concerted fraud, so California can find salvation in the exploitation of this resource.


    • Desalination wouldn’t really be necessary if they’d just stop fighting pumping and reservoir projects. The real bottom line is that Californians have yielded powerful government positions to people who value the lives of baitfish over humans. No attempt to alleviate this problem will succeed until Californians wake up and extirpate the misanthropes that have prevented them from using tried and true, centuries-old technology.

      • “Desalination wouldn’t really be necessary if they’d just stop fighting pumping and reservoir projects.”

        Yeah, I know. But it just tickles the hell out of me to push the Watermelon “Liberals” of California into dependence upon coal-fired desalination plants for their very lives.

        Man-made global warming by way of anthropogenic CO2? Yeah, right.

        The only way to make it even better would be to power those desalination facilities with nuclear reactors.

    • A lot of it is water mismanagement – from charging farmers too little – to not building necessary canals due to minor Eco protests.

  3. The article says: “Measles is a preventable disease that had been eliminated for years through vaccinations in the United States”.

    But we can’t require new immigrants (especially illegal ones) to get vaccinated. We wouldn’t want to trouble them, offend them or disparage their “culture”–how dare we impose our health needs upon them.

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