Climate Change: as big a threat as terroism, poverty, WMD’s

Our Secretary of State on a foreign policy tour is the last to utter this.   I suppose Mr. Kerry believes the climate should be static and we can control it.  Mr. Kerry seems to be aiming to make his mark on US history by preventing the climate from changing.  One of his latest stops was Indonesia where, along with a money giveaway, he got to speak on his favorite subject.  If our diplomacy is on controlling the climate, we don’t seem to have much diplomacy.  The US goal is to return us to GHG emissions levels prior to the 1990’s.  That would represent a decrease in global temperatures of 0.0018°C/year, assuming all other GHG emissions were constant.  Or, as Ms. McCarthy testified the change wouldn’t be noticeable.  So, our foreign policy is based on junkscience and sound good speeches?

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4 responses to “Climate Change: as big a threat as terroism, poverty, WMD’s

  1. I saw the clip of him and read the report of his speech complete with his denunciation of Big Oil, corporations and “denial.” It’s one of the most blatant and repugnant examples of political demagoguery in the name of “unequivocal science” ever.

    There is a new political putsch on the climate – and they’re looking to take a few prisoners and destroy some lives as an example. In other news, the evil Koch brothers, who have yet to be exposed as contributing to anything but ethical scientific conduct, are only the 59th largest political contributors in the US. The Top Ten are all democratic supporting unions and such with the top one exclusively a Democrat fund raiser. An overwhelming advantage in funds and in demagoguery and still they lose. So, they go all Lysenko on us with the help of NBC.

  2. The patrician (Kerry) tells the plebeians (everyone else) to suffer while he jets around the world in private jets, has multiple homes and a yacht. Maybe he should tell the Syrians, the Sudanese, the Israelis, and all the Sunnis that their major worry is climate change. Or maybe he should convince most of the people around the world who have no electricity, inadequate shelter, sewage and parasite polluted water, third world diseases, and no food that their situation would be improved if the developed world gave them pittances and they erected windmills to provide expensive electricity that they can’t afford. The real problem is not human caused climate change, that is non-existent, but rather climate change mitigation policies that are destructive and won’t change the climate any more than spitting into the wind.
    The real argument is about whether one believes in total global government control (since carbon dioxide is involved with everything in life) and forced redistribution of income and resources.

  3. Maybe this Project to Restore Liberty could end the Nationalization of all Rules and Regulations creating 50 States that must compete for jobs and resources. It could change the paradigm of a national Industrial policy which is what California and the Unions have joined the extreme E=GREENS to kill the economic growth.—group-overview-and-proposal.html

  4. Well, Australia has taken a dislike to him with his “foot in mouth” rant about the “supposed” political rift between Indonesia and Australia.
    Indonesia is not happy that Australia is not allowing them to send illegal immigrants our way.
    What any of this has to do with Kerry I don’t know but he just couldn’t help putting a further discordant note in the mix.

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