California Circles Drain–Hanson Opines on Solutions

Victor Davis Hanson is a Classicist, now Fellow at the Hoover. Native Californian with a farm at Selma close to Fresno.

He knows and cares about CA.

Too bad CA is trying to commit suicide by grand ideas.

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5 responses to “California Circles Drain–Hanson Opines on Solutions

  1. If someone were to propose them, they might pass.

  2. When I think of California and their troubles, the following comes to mind. “Go and cry unto the gods* which ye have chosen; let them deliver you in the time of your tribulation.” Judges 10:14 *environmentalism, PC, radical progressivism etc.

  3. Mangus Colorado
    Maybe this Project to Restore Liberty could end the Nationalization of all Rules and Regulations creating 50 States that must compete for jobs and resources. It could change the paradigm of a national Industrial policy which is what California and the Unions have joined the extreme E=GREENS to kill the economic growth.—group-overview-and-proposal.html

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