More on the Solar Blasters

Rick Moran picked up on the news.

And provides more commentary on the solar blasters. This is real Buck Rogers stuff.

5 responses to “More on the Solar Blasters

  1. The consequences of environmentalism is of no consequence to the environmentalists. It is only their “good intentions” that count. They can’t be bothered about such mundane things as laws of nature, physical principles, the nature of living things, nor their impact upon the environment – human and otherwise. Their wish must rule!

    From their perspective, it is not their fault that their projects never produce according to their “good intentions”. Their grand plans are flawless. It is reality being evil by not following the plan by not paying attention and the rest of us not permitting enough being taken from us to make it happen. Hence they do more of the same only louder, more intrusive, and much more costly things which won’t work either. Then they demand that we pay for that too.

    We must learn how to say no in such a way they can not evade it. One way is to stop feeding them. Left to their own devices, they would starve to death shortly after their stolen wealth ran out. They have been parasites and predators for so long, they have lost all skill and ability to provide for themselves.

    • Yes! In their world, agenda, theory is everything. Consequences, results, outcomes do not exist in their fantasy. When they are suddenly blindsided by the consequences of their actions, they will blame someone else.

  2. what a wonderful comment. Are you a poet?

  3. all poets would starve if they depended on poetry.

    we know that.

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