John Holdren Zombie Physicist

John Holdren has led a charmed life, PhD physicist, pres of the AAAS, scholar/teacher at the Kennedy School of Gov at Harvard, now big shot in the White House as Science Czar.

However Dr. John didn’t take his Greenie True Believer prevention vaccination so he says stupid stuff.

Recall again what I told you yesterday, Holdren is a west coast dufus who teamed up with Paul Ehrlich to lose the bet with Julian Simon on cost of commodities in 10 years. Julian said the price would go down on anything they chose, Holdren helped Ehrlich pick 5 metals. They all went down in price after 10 years.

Holdren went along with Ehrlich’s apocalyptic predictions in the old days, now he is a warmer hoping to panic the public again.

So he switched from cooling brings famine apocalypse to warming kills millions.

Holdren has been at the front of every misanthropic Luddite crusade run by the left.

He hates people, progress and bites the capitalist American hand that feeds his loathsomeness.

So our friends Pielke and Spencer take him out on his speculation that the CA Drought is about climate change and carbon dioxide rising to 400 Parts Per Million, or .0004 (that be 0.04 % if you like percentages) of the ambient atmosphere.

Oh, and this latest panic about methane featuring reps from 7 prominent Universities and a couple of green organizations, ignore it.

Methane, also called evil fossil fuel natural gas–is present in the ambient air at less than 2 PPM, so let’s see, that means

2 x 10 to the minus 6, that be 0.000002 of air or 0.0002%. My 6 grade teacher, Sister Ruth, a Sister of the Sorrowful Mother, would be proud of my rithmatic.

Here’s the fun featuring our heroes Spencer and Pielke.

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3 responses to “John Holdren Zombie Physicist

  1. You missed this one:

    The odds are that what we can expect as a result of global warming is to see more of this pattern of extreme cold. – – – Dr. John Holdren, The White House – 1/8/2014 [YouTube# 5eDTzV6a9F4]

  2. John Holdren on climate is like Joe Biden on foreign policy or Hillary Clinton on diplomatic relations — they are always wrong!

  3. “Science” is a lot different inside the ivory tower than it is in the real world.

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