Dionne Insists he is Well Read

EJ Dionne, an obnoxious man who still writes for WAPO, got himself mentioned at the Volokh site.

He said the Austrian School of economists didn’t know nuttin.

I beg to differ.

Ludwig von Mises and Fredrick Hayek all by theirownselves explained why communism doesn’t and will not work and why free markets work.

Dionne lives in the socialist bubble but his ignorance of good economics is showing.

The most effective advocate for the Austrian School of Economics was Milton Friedman, and seems like Hayek and Friedman got themselves Nobel Prizes. There have been a few free market guys who did the same. But I’m sure that Dionne is a fan of Keynes and Keynes’ acolyte at Princeton, Paul Krugman.

Dionne thinks that Marx was right, just needs more time.


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14 responses to “Dionne Insists he is Well Read

  1. Dionne is an idiot. He needs to spend a few years in the former Soviet Union (like I did) and he will understand why Churchill called socialism “shared misery”.

  2. therevolutionwas

    Milton Freidman wasn’t Austrian school. I think he was Chicago school. But he was mostly a free market guy. And yes, Dionne is an annoying idiot.

    • You couldn’t tell by me–as far as I am concerned uncle milton was a chip off the Hayek von Mises block.

      Did you know that the U of Chicago was embarrassed to be associated with Milton, and Hayek and did not flaunt them. In fact the U of C book store didn’t promote their books at all. U of C is a lib establishment just like all the American Us.

      I think Uncle Milton was Austrian right down to the waltz with the lovely Rose.


      • U of C is known as a conservative school of economics. The only one really in the USA. Many, if not most, of their current economists, and Nobel laureate ones at that, are free market.

        I am not sure what you are talking about, but if it sounds good to

  3. Maybe he can go to the successful modern-day example of Venzuela … https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BgST9iWIUAA-jDc.jpg:large

  4. Milton was a monetarist, not an Austrian school economist. Politically they were on the same side, both passionately free-market, both active in the Mont Perelin Society and both public intellectuals. But that said, when it came to economic analysis there were deep differences between them.

  5. So, this isn’t Dion and the Belmonts?

  6. Ok, tell me the deep differences.

    No argument that Friedman was a monetarist, after all he’s the guy who thought money supplies were extremely important and that the great depression was due to deflationary money policies.

    But he was free market, and anti commie/socialist and I am not aware that he was in any way in disagreement with Hayek’s opposition to Keynes.

    Educate me. I have von Mises and Hayek’s important books and read them many years ago.

  7. How about he reads what Keynes said about his own theory

    After the war, Keynes continued to represent the United Kingdom in international negotiations despite his deteriorating health. He succeeded in obtaining preferential terms from the United States for new and outstanding debts to facilitate the rebuilding of the British economy.[54]

    Just before his death in 1946, Keynes told Henry Clay, a professor of Social Economics and Advisor to the Bank of England [55] of his hopes that Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ can help Britain out of the economic hole it is in: “I find myself more and more relying for a solution of our problems on the invisible hand which I tried to eject from economic thinking twenty years ago.” [56]



  8. Yessiree, Mr. P, Keynes also said that when the facts change he changes his opinion “and what do you do Sir?” I think he was misguided, his theories were properly condemned by Hayek, but retain their attractive stte because they reinforce politician’s opinioins of themselves and the importance of a meddling government.

    thanks for your note. very good, you get an A.

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