Union of Concerned (Junk) Scientists are Sponsors at AAAS Meet

Orwellian junk science outfits always get dressed up with nice names.

The UCS would like to be thought of as a group of serious and reliable scientists but they sell lefty snake oil.

Then they try to go mainstream with their mumbo jumbo, like lies about the dangers of fracking, the climate, and safety of the food supply.

Closest that the UCS gets to doing real science is using big words like SUSTAINABLE, CONTAMINATION, ANTIBIOTICS, and they specialize in unsubstantiated scaremongering as their specialty in scientific exercises. After that it’s downhill.

However the writer of this essay should remind himself that John Holdren, who could be an honorary member of UCS, was once president of the AAAS and then Chairman of the AAAS Board, now is the Obama White House Science Czar.

Holdren, a dedicated Malthusian, was famously in league with the charlatan and loser population apocalypse promoter, Paul Ehrlich adn helped Ehrlich pick the 5 metals that lost the bet with Julian Simon on cost of commodities. If Holdren could be in the UCS, then maybe the AAAS is a lost cause.

So, maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised that UCS is in league with the AAAS.


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One response to “Union of Concerned (Junk) Scientists are Sponsors at AAAS Meet

  1. Half the propaganda battle lies in finding a misleading and catchy name for your organization.

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