Solar and Wind Savagery

Now an alternative energy project in Nevada burns birds out of the air.

These enviros are monsters. First the turbines, now the mirrors.

Just two examples of mindless enviros doing projects with taxpayer money.

The Bird burner project–2.2 billion for mirrors that are designed to heat up a tank of water–but they burn innocent unsuspecting birds right out of the sky.

And of course the bird and bat Cuisinarts. Recently these savages were awarded 30 year permits to kill birds, including, of course raptors that only recently were on the endangered species lists.

5 responses to “Solar and Wind Savagery

  1. Reblogged this on Power To The People and commented:
    Green Savages Burning Birds Out Of The Sky As They Fly With Massive Solar Plants In the Name of “Saving The Planet”

  2. They must be fans of the Star Wars Death Star.

  3. Cats are far, far bigger killers of birds as are collisions with cars.

    • I had two cats at a time,George and Gracie, who were inclined, in the case of Gracie, to kill birds. George had no inclination that way.

      So your point is that cats have anything to do with turbines or these new solar blasters? I think you are a bird lover–who isn’t?

      I am with you–killing birds is somehow inexcusable. Birds just fly around and try to be birds.

      I hate enviro projects that kill birds, and I am not just a raptor or owl or big bird fan, i care about wrens and titmouses and birds my wife points out to me in the yard.

      I am particularly possessive about the health of the hummers, a wonderful and inspiring phyla/species, no doubt. Have you ever seen the Nat Geographic visuals of the magnificent variety of the hummers. You would be ashamed of yourself for not knowing. I was.

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